leadership coaching


How can leadership coaching support you in times of disruption and volatility?


It’s incredibly difficult to focus when so many things are swirling.  Where do you put your attention?  Who do you serve first? What’s the right way forward during crisis, disruption, and uncertainty?


You likely know quite well what the answers to those questions are, if you stop long enough to reflect and answer.  Coaching can be that moment, that pause, that helps you regroup and put your best and most needed step forward.  You have the tools, the skills, some of the answers.  Allow the swirl to settle, just for a moment, and listen to that inner voice.  You already know-


Leaders who stop- briefly- to ask, to consider, then to act are leading. Those who resource the self first are available for others.  It’s the moments of presence that allow you to be your best selves when your organizations and people need you the most.

Observe your thoughts; they become words.

Observe your words; they become actions.

Observe your actions; they become habits.

Observe your habits; they become character.

Observe your character; it becomes your destiny.


Chinese proverb.

Faculty Member, Cornell University

My coaching with Amy has been invaluable to my professional performance. She helped me to identify the tension between where I am and where I would like to be.  She then used extremely skillful observation of my own style and tendencies to identify the most effective way to build a series of progressive competencies including grounding, self-awareness in difficult moments and forming new habits of thinking.  She supported this progression with practical field work and additional skills training during our sessions together.  I found this process immensely powerful and it has improved the quality and depth of almost all my interactions personal and professional. I can not recommend her coaching enough. Although, it may sound like hyperbole, it is not and for me this has been a life rerouting experience.