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Leaders face many opportunities and challenges every day. Why should athletes be the only ones who have a professional at their side? Coaching for professionals has become accepted for the value it brings- dedicated reflection on you and your goals, with commitment and action planning designed to help you carry them out.


Thinking about how to capitalize on that new possibility? Musing about how best to motivate an employee? Planning your next career move? Coaching is the 1 Step that puts the wind in your sails with you squarely at the helm.


Coaching can come in many different formats, but often it’s in 1-1.5 hour meetings (in person or phone/skype) 2x month over a period of 4-6 months. Your goals, your commitments, your questions get worked through in a forward-thinking manner, offering self-awareness, personal commitment, and action planning and follow through.

Observe your thoughts; they become words.

Observe your words; they become actions.

Observe your actions; they become habits.

Observe your habits; they become character.

Observe your character; it becomes your destiny.


Chinese proverb.

Sales Manager, Software

“A crisis of confidence was looming over me.  In steps Amy Kohut who armed me the tools I needed to forge ahead with confidence.  She helped remind me of what I know, who I am and all I have to offer professionally.  Fast forward to today. I still hear Amy's voice reminding me how to lean into that success when facing new challenges.  Don't rest on your laurels, rest on the experiences that brought you here today.”