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Leadership coaching Ithaca
Insight to Action
1 Step forward
            1 Step at a time
                        1 Step ahead...


It’s the action needed to move an idea, a project, or a movement forward.


Taking that 1 Step requires planning, insight, communication, and a whole host of competencies.


1 Step Coaching and Consulting partners with individuals, teams and organizations to increase insight into the situation and make smart action plans that work, so you can meet your goals in business and in life.


We offer 3 distinct services that can be taken alone or in combination: Leadership Coaching, Emotional Intelligence workshops, and Team Performance and Dynamics. We work with professionals in all realms: for-profit, non-profit, in teams and as individuals. We tailor all of our workshops and coaching to the needs of the present.


How can leadership coaching support you in times of disruption and volatility?


It’s incredibly difficult to focus when so many things are swirling.  Where do you put your attention?  Who do you serve first? What’s the right way forward during crisis, disruption, and uncertainty?

Amy Kohut Leadership Coaching

This is a time for leadership- in big and small ways.  Leadership has always been about BOTH positional power and influential power- leading from within a setting, an organization or a family.  How are you wielding your influence right now?  How are your words, your actions, your thoughts leading and influencing others?  Are you showing up in ways that call out the best in yourself and others?   



Amy Kohut has been skillfully leading groups and individuals towards their professional goals for over 25 years.  She has deep experience in many facets of professional realms:  for-profit, non-profit and higher education.  For 10 years she has served as the Director of Cornell University’s Team & Leadership Center.  In that role she worked with thousands of clients in undergraduate, graduate, post doc, staff and administration, and faculty positions.  She also served the area's non-profit and for-profit sector in engaging trainings custom designed to meet their needs in Leadership Development and Team Performance. 



Amy is a great facilitator - this was so evident today because we completely changed direction mid-stream and she reorganized the day and led us to a successful conclusion.


This was a great experience. It was a powerful group activity that built trust and teamwork. It was fun!!


' We walked away with very effective and concrete strategies'